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Ikonospace (IKSP) Pro was created in collaboration with museum & art galleries to speed up the exhibition design process. Whether you want to mock up your art fair booth or recreate an entire museum, Ikonospace is the tool for you.

Key Features

Wall Editor

- Build your spaces in a few clicks
- Paint walls with materials or colors using the NCS color system©
- Add windows and openings

Artwork Library

-Import any images from your computer
- Sculptures from photos or 3D assets
- Create customized frames and mats

Drag and Drop

- Drag and Drop your artworks on walls
- Accurate measurement and guidelines
- Add lights and decoration

Perform on time.

  • Build your own 3D model in minutes
  • Design walls and floors
  • Add lights & decorations
  • Edit your projects on the go
  • Share and collaborate in 3D
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Keep all your 2D & 3D assets organised

  • Import and compress your artworks in bulk
  • Hang art with realistic precision at scale
  • Customize with frames and mats
  • Easily filter and manage your collection digitally
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Pro Package


€ / Month
For Art Galleries, Artists & Exhibition Designers

- Build art fair booths or rebuild your own exhibition space. Up to 40x40m
- Up to 500 artworks in library
- Edit your projects on the go
- Build, Design and Curate your exhibition how you desire.

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Enterprise Package

On Request

For Large Galleries, Museums & Art Institutions

- Unlimited floor space
- Our team of designers can recreate your spaces from floor plan and images
- Unlimited artwork library
- Import artworks from your own Collection Management System

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