ikonospace uses state of the art technology to create the most realistic virtual environments. Along our thorough understanding of the art market and curator needs. Our avant-garde techniques uses Physically Based Shading pipeline to products breathtaking materials. Lighting, shadows, reflections and camera effects are all fine-tuned for each environment in order to create the highest level of fidelity and immersion into your gallery space.


Our software has the fastest image importing system on the market. Entire folders of images can be converted, compressed and imported in seconds. Just ll up the measurement of your artworks and they are ready to be dragged and dropped on your walls in full 3D. No size or resolution limit, compatible with JPG, Jpeg, tif, bmp, png, psd images.


Our team of architects and 3d artists can produce life-like representations of your space in 3D.
Send us your floorplans and reference pictures and we will integrate it in a few days.


The wall creator is a simple tool for you to build your temporary walls or design your art fair booth from scratch. Choose from a wide variety of Pantone colors (RAL) and paint individual sections or your entire space in one click.


ikonospace comes with a very visual and simple database system. It allows you to filter your artwork by dates, exhibitions or artists in order to easily create your perfect exhibition or recreate exhibitions that previously took place.